People, Sunflowers and Honeybees and I Guess We’re All Just Passing Through Anyway

And so it is nearing one year that I started this blog, and there is, as of yet, very little on here. I’ve been thinking a lot recently, about people, about things I’ve done, things I’ve not done, material things, ideas, pondering what I want to do with my life: going to school, studying, becoming serious about my writing, etc. I’ve been thinking about people, how there are those people in our lives that just gradually fade out. And not because they’re bad people or we’re bad people or anything of the sort. Sometimes, we just don’t click in the right way, or our lives are filled with sunflowers and honeybees, or something like that.

There are also those that make only the briefest appearance in our lives, and those, dear reader, are the ones I’ve been pondering of as of late.

There was a calm Sunday, late morning to early afternoon, last summer. I decided to spend some time at the old Buddhist Temple I frequented, for their weekly picnic-like event. I made a new friend or two, spent several hours with them. I never saw those people again. And there are also those friends from frequent café visits, bus rides and art events. Some stay in our lives for a day, a week, a few months, and then they gradually fade out. I was an irregular attendant at that Temple anyway, coming and going at various times dependent upon what was going on in my life. I guess we’re all just passing through anyway. And there are so many experiences to be had.


Staring into the Abyss

Looking back at my own writing, all the poetry I’ve written over the years, I see that the greatest, the most defining of my work, comes from a place not of intellectual scholarly debate, but of deep-felt emotion. When you write something great, something that is truly profound, that will have an effect, you know it. You have this feeling that can’t quite be explained. It’s almost like standing at the edge of a cliff and staring down into the abyss, an infinite abyss that will penetrate the reader to the core, become a part of him or her.

There’s more to writing than facts and statistics: it’s real, and it’s personal human experience (even fiction). Really great poetry is like a paradox: bringing everything together in a few words that both leaves all mystery open and brings everything together to a climax (again, staring into the abyss).

I could never choose just one single piece that is my favorite. I could compile a collection of several of my favorites, but no single one. Coming to this blog and selecting a piece to start out with posting poetry isn’t a difficult task exactly. I’ve been sharing my poetry online on and off for a number of years now. So, I have a few that I’m quite fond of, and will be sharing on here. And there are always more recent ones that seem most pertinent to be made public.

Alright everyone, ready to jump over the cliff? Come on, let’s go! (Infinity is waiting with open palms).

– Thome

A Further Introductory Note

So, on with the introduction! I am Thome, and I am an aspiring poet and a language/culture enthusiast. I greatly enjoy learning about other languages and cultures. But no, I am not fluent in any others. There are many cultures that I’ve developed obsessions with over the years and I am very apt to develop new obsessions all the time! So much so that sometimes, I think I would make an excellent anthropologist.

I love all things far Eastern and mystical. I love beat poetry, verbose writers like T. S. Eliot and William Shakespeare, the vulgar imagery of Allen Ginsberg, the assault of the mind with multilayered word-images, and the quiet contemplative haiku of Jack Kerouac: nothing delights me more than words, reading and writing!

I have come here to start a new journey in my writing: sharing my delight with life and everything that fascinates me. I look forward to trying my hand at some narrative prose on here, and sharing some of my favourite poetry that I have written, and will write.


– Thome

Ringing in the New Year

So, it is a new year, once again.  And once again, I am pounding away at an old dusty keyboard while a dog is barking outside.  No, I don’t know who’s dog it is.  And I guess the keys aren’t literally dusty, and I don’t recall so much typing on new years day with a barking dog outside in the past, anyway…  But all trivialities aside, it is New Year’s Day and I am starting this blog, a new journey.

I hope to include factual accounts of real life happenings along with my own unique brand of humour, and samples of my poetry on here.  for now, cheers to bring futures yet to come!

Happy New Year, all!

– Thome