we came from cracked concrete sidewalks

Noir Cloudy Day Just Before the Storm


sometimes i itch
for caffeine near midnight,
is it near midnight already?

The artist’s choice of drug
alteration of perception,
stamina and energy!
alteration of mind

it’s late
and I don’t want
to spew out some old
tired cliche
is a double edged sword”

we’re waiting for the rain
to come and cleanse
our sins –
the tv said there’d be rain
(damn weather man!)

like a sundial in the closet,
we all find ourselves
(only, we put ourselves here)
“keep the coffee comin’, babe!”

addiction is self-administered

and rain doesn’t cleanse anything
that piss doesn’t cleanse

mossy rock, waterfall, desert sands
and cacti,
visions of old sages

addiction, knowledge, psyche, words,
meditation, prayer,

my mind wanders back
to the sundial in the closet
gathering dust


experiencing early childhood
in the 1990’s,
the birth of hip-hop,
disco is dead
long live disco


you remember
when we were
in the desert
and we drank
one another’s sweat?

silence falls upon
a vast night –
and then
the whistle of the wind

(we bleed ink and wine)


dawn cracks,
we sip cheap coffee
from styrofoam cups

the night before,
old sitcoms
blared from the telly
back in the hotel room

we were so full of dreams
and aspirations


5 thoughts on “we came from cracked concrete sidewalks

  1. smilingtoad says:

    Absolute Art!!!! Impossible to express how much I loved and was stirred by this post!!!

  2. smilingtoad says:

    And that PHOTO absolutely superb!!

  3. smilingtoad says:

    Reblogged this on A Day in the Brine and commented:
    Here is a poem written by Thome, my rain-loving walking-chum

  4. I have no words. What a story you tell. Brilliant writing.

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